We are Research to Roads

Asphalt specialists and chemists who offer products and custom solutions to agencies and companies who share our commitment to improve the asphalt pavement industry.

Research to Roads serves as a bridge between academics, agencies, contractors and innovators.


Research to Roads (R2R) is a majority owned subsidiary of Superior Bowen, one of Kansas City’s leading asphalt pavement construction companies. We are third-generation asphalt people, committed to this industry and the use of technology to change it for the better.

Our mission at R2R is two-fold:

  • Increase asphalt product performance while saving money for all stakeholders
  • Use technologies that are safe for employees and the environment

R2R is not a traditional sales organization. We only partner with customers who implement our technology responsibly and work to improve the asphalt industry.


Research to Roads provides a variety of services to agencies and asphalt companies, including:

Research & Development
We investigate asphalt additives, performance measurements, modifications and the evolution of road specifications.

Chemical Sales
R2R sells products that are best in class, and, upon request, will create custom chemistry solutions.

We offer expert advice to asphalt companies and public agencies, both on-site and in our Kansas City headquarters.

Public Education
We give presentations to public agencies on a variety of topics based on our knowledge of and hands-on experience in the asphalt industry.

Product Evaluation for Inventors
Our invention assessment will determine if your product passes the asphalt industry’s safety, environmental, economic and performance standards.

Third Party Material Testing
R2R partners with Construction Materials Testing Group when agency or industry partners require independent accredited testing.


At Research to Roads, our product line reflects our company’s goals and our commitment to the asphalt industry. We sell high-performance, proprietary chemical additives from Green Paving Solutions and PVS, which are safe for employees and the environment.

We are committed to providing the best technology to our partners. If one of our products isn’t the best fit, we will formulate a new one, or recommend another product on the market.


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